Why cant I import from Maya?

For some reason when I drag it from the project view to either the scene or hierarchy it just has the black circle with the line in the middle (In other words it's not working.) I already tried downloading the Maya plug-ins (I have 8.5 which I believe I already downloaded the plug-ins for). Also I'm still very new to unity (I think that may already be obvious though) I'm hoping that I'm just missing some simple little thing. What am I missing here?

Try exporting your mesh object from Maya as an FBX file, then importing the FBX file.

Alternatively, try a simple test: Create a new maya scene, create a polygon cube or sphere, save the scene as testFile.ma, import the file into unity. Everything should work - if something fails in that process there is a problem with either maya or unity or both.

If your process is substantially different, we will need to know what you are doing differently to answer your question.