Why can't I install Andoir SDK for unity

Hello all,

I’ve downloaded the Android Studio, and the Android SDK also called: command line tools

I’ve downloaded the Java JDK (as stated here: Setting up the Android SDK Tools
But I have two problems:

  1. When installing the Android Studio it didn’t give me an option to install the Android SDK, as many YouTube videos from 2017 show.
  2. When following the steps in the previous article: Double click the file called android to run it
    the Android file I have is android.bat, and it doesn’t do anything, the sdkmanager is also .bat file but it seems not to do anything as well.

I can’t set the path to the sdk, that wasn’t installed at all.

Why it is so hard to set up google sdk, oculus and vive takes minutes.

Thank in advanced.

Try this:
Open android studio, go to settings > Appearance & Behaviour > System Settings > Android SDK Then go to the SDK Tools tab and see if the Android SDK Tools checkbox is checked, if this isn’t then check it and click “apply” to download & install it. (also see if Google USB driver is installed, as this might result in problems aswel if it isn’t).

Under the tab SDK Platforms make sure you also have the SDK installed for the android version you wish to build on.

Hope this helps,


Hello @remy_rm, thanks for your thorough reply.
I’ve re-installed the Android Studio
And this is the message it gave me:

No android SDK found.

Before continuing, you must download the
necessary components or select an
existing SDK.

It downloads the sdk now