Why can't I push and pop from string array?

I have an array that I will use to store Strings and save that using PlayerPrefsX(ArrayPrefs2). I need to add and replace elements of this array a lot of times.

private var Array1 : String;
private var Array2 = new Array();

If I use Array1 I cannot use any functions like push/pop!(Only function I get is Length :confused: )
If I use Array2 I need to convert that to a String array to store it in PlayerPrefsX.

n I won’t even open my mouth about how my 2D arrays suck!
I am using Unityscript and I know I am missing something VERY FUNDAMENTAL. :frowning:

Built-in arrays are fixed size and have no add/remove functions. Never use the Array class; it’s obsolete (slow and untyped). Use a generic List instead. http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=Which_Kind_Of_Array_Or_Collection_Should_I_Use%3F ArrayPrefs2 only uses built-in arrays, but it’s trivial to convert List to a built-in array and back.