why can't I set the camera as an overlay?

Hello. I have Universal Pipeline, Core RP Library, Scriptable Build Pipeline, and Post Processing packages installed. Still, I can’t change the Camera Render Type from Basic to Overlay. The Overlay option is visible but cannot be selected. On two days, I struggle with a solution. I really don’t know what’s wrong. Please help

You need forward rendering, and have a base camera. Then add the overlay to your camera stack

Same issue has just cropped up for me today, on a project thats 5 years into development.
Previously working fine, but now if i open prefabs containing overlay cameras to make any changes, it will set the render type to base and overlay is grayed out.

Version 2021.2.12 & 2021.2.13…

This issue was not there on 28th Feb as i was able to make changes to prefabs containing overlay cameras without this happening using 2021.2.12.
Its a bit confusing to be honest, as according to the commits there have been no updates to the engine or packages since.

For me this is a critical issue, preventing any further develpoment on the project, hoping someone at Unity has an explaination for whats going on?

Perhaps its related to Windows or graphics updates?

EDIT Got a solution. Switching render path from deffered to forward fixed the issue. So i guess either there is a bug with using deffered rendering or they actually dropped support for the overlay feature in deffered, hense the greyed out option.


For those who still have problems with this, I set the camera settings of the overlay camera under “Environment” Background Type to “Unitialized” and it worked for me.

This helped me with this problem, I hope I can help someone with it!