Why can't wont Instantiate() work here?

I’m creating an audio system for a game made in javascript by someone else. I use C# myself so i might just be having syntax trouble or something.
The code i’m making here takes a request for a sound to be played, creates an invisible speaker at the requesters position, makes the speaker a child of the requester, the speaker then plays the sound, and deletes itself.
Here is the code:

#pragma strict

public var tracks : AudioClip[];

public var speakerTemplate:GameObject;

function Start(){
	speakerTemplate = new GameObject();

public function Play(requestedTrack:SoundRequest){

	var found:boolean = false;

	for (var i = 0; i<tracks.Length; ++i)
		print (tracks*.ToString());*

_ if (tracks*.ToString() == requestedTrack.trackName.ToString() + " (UnityEngine.AudioClip)".ToString())_
found = true;*_

* var newSpeaker = Instantiate(speakerTemplate, requestedTrack.client.transform.position, Quaternion.identity);*

* //make child of sender*
* newSpeaker.transform.parent = requestedTrack.client.transform;*

* if (requestedTrack.loop)*
_ newSpeaker.SendMessage(“GoLoop”, tracks*);
newSpeaker.SendMessage(“Go”, tracks*);

* if (!found)*
The problem is when I say “newSpeaker.SendMessage”, it always says SendMessage Go has no reciever. I pause the runtime and search for my speaker prefab and it’s not there, so for some reason my object isnt instantiating.
Why isn’t instantiate working?

You can’t use new to create a GameObject. Create a prefab and Instantiate that instead.

I didn’t. Line 23 is where i…AAH! ARGH! Deleted line 8, works now. I was accidentally removing my prefab! Thanks man.