why collider.bounds.intersects works incorrectly


in my game line is rotating and this blue zone is rotating too, and in this position i click to check if polygon collider of zone is bounds.intersects box collider of line, and it says true but actually it’s false.

You’re misunderstanding what Bounds are. From Unity’s documentation:

An axis-aligned bounding box, or AABB for short, is a box aligned with coordinate axes and fully enclosing some object. Because the box is never rotated with respect to the axes, it can be defined by just its center and extents, or alternatively by min and max points.

Bounds always represent a box which is never rotated and always fully encloses an object, or in this case your collider.

This is is how the bounds actually looks like:


That is why it it looks like it is working incorrectly but it actually isn’t. It’s just how bounding boxes work.

Hope this helps!