Why did my character jump into configure pose when I tried to create an animation ? Messed it all up ! Damn !

I carefully crafted a character , working in & out of unity and Lightwave modeler ,Fine tuning , bla , bla , bla . ( Added RIGIDBODY & CAPSULE COLLIDER )And when I finally finished , opened the animation window , created a controller , named the animation , then when I pressed " ENTER " , the character went into that stupid dog pose between the ground & sky ! And of course , attachments to the character didn’t travel with it . Argghhhh… I know it won’t come back . I’ll have to retrace my steps . What the hell ?

I don’t really get your problem, can you describe what it does exactly ?
Even if i don’t get it, try to disable “Apply root motion” on the attached Animator, i had some problems with it many times.