Why did my material stop displaying properly?

I have a 3D maze made from a single model. Because of the size and number of faces, I had to set up the UVs for the walls so that they hanged over the first quadrant in the UV editor for Maya 2013. When I imported the model and textures into Unity the first time, everything worked correctly. The material properly repeated and there was no distortion on the walls. However, as my partner and I continued to work on the project, which involved adding more lights and baking the map, the material suddenly became extremely distorted. Basically, it looks as if the material is no longer repeating properly. I did not change anything with the walls, the UVs, or the material. I thought I was my computer at first, but I opened an earlier version of the project and the walls look perfectly fine. I am not sure why this is happening, but I have tried re-importing the original model, creating a new material, removing the added lights, baked the scene again, adjust the UVs, and a few other things. If someone can provide any insight, I would very grateful.

Convert size of texture in power of two(it do not need to be square just width and height should be power of two. 2 X 2048 is also valid). Because some devices do not support repeating non-POT textures.

Just so I can mark this question as answered, I will reply to it myself. Basically, the texture file got corrupted or something as I was moving the assets around into different sub-folders. I am not sure why this caused the issue, but re-importing the texture fixed it.