Why did the values i had set reset?

I am working on a project and when I opened it today I noticed, that all values and links I had set in the inspector, were all reset.
My scriptable objects also lost their link to the code and were reset, so that I had to create them new from the memories I had.

Does anyone know why they reset?

(Uploaded to Github as fast as I could after reassigning everything to not lose it)

It’s impossible for us to guess. There could be many reasons, like changing asset names, moving them in a way that broke the links, or changing a prefab in one place, not realizing that the changes would apply to another instance of it elsewhere…

… OR if you are new to Unity maybe you were in PLAY mode when doing all these settings? As soon as you stop Play mode, your inspector settings reset to what they were before.

Do you by any chance have a child class inside of the scriptableobject script / main class?

If yes, there is some wired behavior that happens with scrptiableobjects i cant remember the keywords i used to google the thread where this was discussed BUT the solution that worked for me was to separate the classes into there own scripts.

If No then we need more information to help you bud @Gaweringo