Why do I get duplicate gameobject assets when updating geometry?

Hi Everyone!

My first post here - very happy to be a part of it.
So, obviously I’m a beginner. And I’m trying to figure out some of the pipeline involved with custom assets.

Here’s my reproduction steps:

  1. (in Blender) save a “cube.blend” from Blender into my Unity project Assets directory
  2. (in Unity3D) “cube” automatically shows up in my Project view as expected
  3. (in Blender) tweak a couple vertices and re-save “cube.blend”
  4. (in Unity3D) “cube” is automatically updated as I would expect
  5. (in Unity3D) however, in the Project view, additional “cube” GameObjects(?) show up
  6. (in Finder) I now have “cube.blend” and “cube.blend1”, and “cube.blend2” if I make additional changes to the source file in Blender

I’m curious what these are? Is it related to version control? They seem to be benign because I can delete them with seemingly no consequence. Are they necessary? Can I prevent them from being instantiated?

Thank you so much in advance.
And I hope to be a contributing member someday soon.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I’m developing on OSX 10.6


From what I’ve learnt about exporting from blender an FBX file is the best bet, unity can read these and updates them without issues. You may have to enable it in blender add-ons sections.

If you select which objects you want exported in your blender scene, then go to export > FBX you can choose where to save the file and on the left hand sidebar it gives you the option to export selected only this saves you bringing in any clutter such as lights and the camera.

Just make sure you export to the same file as before when you do make changes but I’m sure it updates automatically.

It may help fix your issues.