Why do I have so low FPS?


This is what a I get with the Profiler Window :

Reading the documentation I don’t find that I have too much Triangles or Draw calls so I don’t quite understand why I have only 40-50 FPS.

This is my PC specification :
RAM : 8Go DDR3
GPU : Nvidia 970m
CPU : Intel Core i7-4710MQ 2.50GHz

Could someone explain me why this is happening ? :slight_smile:

Test playing in the Editor with the profiler active will slow down performance significantly. Try making a build with an FPS counter.

Regardless of what documentation says, you should always aim for the least amount of complexity. I have limited experience, but 5000 batches per frame is more than I’ve ever seen. 2M verts, 700 shadow casters, etc. Seems like this can be optimized quite a bit if your still not satisfied with performance.