Why do my .wav sound effects delay before playing the first time on iOS?

First off, I’m using Unity 5.2.3. I have a bunch of .wav sounds that I play like this:

	m_multiplierSource.clip = m_audioAssets.m_soundBanks[(int)m_currentSoundBank].m_multiplier[data];

The Debug.Log is just there temporarily, to verify that the sounds’ loadState is “loaded”. It is, every time they play. But the first time they play on my iPhone, there is a noticable delay before they start. After playing the first time, they work fine.

What am I supposed to do to get these sounds to preload properly? I have their “Preload Audio Data” boxes checked in the import settings, and they’re set to “Decompress on Load”.

It was not the sound. It was the score Text object updating, which has a problem on iOS if your font is set to Dynamic. Lesson: always check the profiler before trying to fix performance issues.

The big spike in the image is the first call to changing the score, and you can see that Font.CacheFontForText takes a long time.