Why do objects go grey at a distance and why isn't the background white?

Hi all, attached below is a screenshot of my project (the left) and a new project I started just to try and figure out my issue (the right).

I can’t understand why the objects I place in my project (left) fade to grey as you go further away from them, I want them to remain visible at all distances as seen on the right.

I also don’t understand why I can’t get the background to be white (as seen on the right) and not just this pale grey colour (seen on the left). I have tried playing with camera and project settings, but maybe I missed something?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
If you need any further info please just ask!
Thanks in advance!

alt text

I worked this one out, not sure why it took me so long XD

For those looking for solution: Window\Rendering\Lighting Settings. Then untick fog