Why do people make Game Manager scripts? What is the advantage of having one in your game?

I see people make these scripts, and i’ve made them before in tutorials, but i have no real clue as to why? Does it make the game run quicker? What’s the advantage?

Hey @Data1,
Game manager is used to manage your game. Like you want to do something on player death or on level complete you want to do something or on_pause . It depends on your game mechanics. Its just management.

I use scripts named GameManager. My purpose is to keep track of game in a single script. I design my all other scripts (PlayerController, CameraController, AnythingChecker eg.) as little components that works for GameManager as slaves. They report the changes done in game to GameManager using the methods I implemented as listeners. So GameManager can process the incoming input and react with calling method of another slave. Like GameManager is brain and other components are the fingertips that sense heat, pain, toughness. And GameManager reacts to the situations using it’s neural network.

TL;DR, I use it as a bus between other scripts and keep track of the game from one source