Why Do People Suck At Questions?

Its ridiculous how so many people ask vague, senseless questions. Ive noticed all of the ones who are asking these questions are new to the Unity Answers forums. Its like theyve never asked a question before. Unfortunately, those who know how to communicate cant read mind of those who cant.

Instead of using terms such as “its being weird” or “I cant get this to work, what am I doing wrong”, try to give a little detail. Are there errors? What are the errors? Information needs to be given clear, legible text. Dont think in your brain on how to ask a question. Think how others will perceive it and get what you are asking.

Thank you, that is all.

In response to the question, it’s obviously because most people on here aren’t developers. They have no idea what is pertinent or what could help people solve their problem. Or they’re downright lazy (damn lazy people; how do you get anything done?).

I think a big assumption that leads to problems with question writing is that people are used to face-to-face dialogue, in which the person can actually see what you’re talking about. People cannot see what you’re talking about across the internet unless they were desktop sharing or something. If you want to use this approach, please take the time to screenshot your problem so we can actually see wtf you’re looking at and what’s “being weird”.

The issue isn’t that people ask shitty questions. The issue is that you can’t figure out what their questions/issues are and translate it into a solution.

Welcome to Real Life.