Why do terrain splat maps look different in web player?

I’m using splat maps to color areas of terrain. These colored areas are surrounded by a thin line of a light gray texture, one splat-map pixel thick. This looks great in the editor and standalone player (see first image), but looks very different in the web player (second image). It’s blurry, and seems darker on one side of the colored areas than on the other, making it oddly three dimensional looking. Not what I’m going for.

Any idea why the same terrain, using the same textures and splat maps, would look so different viewed through the web player vs the editor or standalone? I’m using Unity 5.

Thanks in advance.

Try with quality increase all on top for all platorms.

Well, this appears to have been due to some kind of problem with upgrading a Unity 4 project to Unity 5.

Creating new terrain assets in my existing project didn’t help. What I had to do was create a new project and copy over my scene and all of my assets from the old project. After doing that, the landscape renders the same (and correctly) in the editor, standalone player, and web player.