Why do we not yet have a getkeydown that returns a list of all keys down? Or all keys being held?

Input polling is lagging unity engine in a significant way.

I have recently switched to building input functionality using the event system in the ongui because polling the input class in the update function causes significant performance problems.

I’ve tested the input class using a primitive sphere that has a rigid body attached to it. Then creating a gamemanager that does little more than creating and holding a control class that polls and updates bools for the buttons that I want to be used by the player. For the test I polled all possible keys through the update function and the input class using system.enum to get all possible keys.

This caused noticeable performance delays in the falling sphere.

We need to get some input functions that would return a list of all key downs and keys being held.

If I am thinking about this the wrong way or you think it was the system.enum that caused the frame rate changes I am up for that discussion as well, but it seems right now that polling is dragging.

@Bunny83 and @ShadyProductions were on target for this problem witnessed here.

I changed the testing code after reading some information about the system.enum function and now believe that this was an invalid test.

The enumerator function was creating a lot of garbage that was having to be collected every couple frames. Still not quite sure why, but that is out of scope for this question/comment.

Thank you all for your support!