Why does a simple scene take up almost 50mb on android?

I have made a small testing project featuring a single simple scene with a camera and a gameobject with a spriterenderer and a simple script that moves the gameobjects transform across the screen. When I install the apk file on my android device it takes up 47.66 mb. In comparison “Flappy Bird” takes up only 2.33 mb.

Why does a simple scene take up so much space on android? My guess would be that a lot of stuff must be included in the build that I do not use but it is only a guess. Can anyone help me clear this up or provide me with a way to reduce the size?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Unity includes a number of files such as mono, frameworks, and various libraries in order for your project to work. As far as I can remember that’s only about 10mb, but it’s been a while since I’ve done an Android build so it might be more or less, but I’m in the ball park.

Do you have a lot of sprites? A single texture or sprite sheet could easily be 2mb. How about music? I’ve founds that’s number one for mobile builds. A couple of background songs can easily tack on 20mb. Do you have a resources folder? Anything in that folder is included in your build as well.