Why does all my Materials appear the same?

Hello guys I have an issue.

Every time I import my Shirt from a .Blender file or a .FBX it just shows my 3 materials as the same Material. Then it screws up my texture.

Here’s what I mean.


This is how it’s Displayed in Blender.


This is how it’s Displayed in Unity.

Element 1, 2 and 3
Are named after the 1st material - Shirt Tex Collar

I wish I could show how it looks when I create materials to fill in the elements. But I cant add anymore attachments but that’s cool. It didn’t make much of a difference.

If anyone can help me, I’d really appreciate it. This thing is driving me crazy…

have you tried making different materials with different names.

Figured it out. For those of you who might have the same problem here’s the answer!

Click on your Imported Object.
Scroll down in the Inspector of the selected Object.
Scroll till you see Materials and click the Drop Down Box next to Material Naming.
Click “From Model’s Material” Then click Apply, and BAM!
After that you might want to save your project.

Alright here’s the 2nd part to the Answer

If you have an issue with your Texture Going Crazy out of it’s mind then, this is how you’ll fix it.

Go to your imported Objects Inspector, just how you did in PT 1 of the answer.
Then simply Check Box Swap UVs and you’re straight!