Why does .apk file being built consumes so much space?

Hey there!
So, I have been trying to develop an android game using unity. After importing some assets such as images i built the game and the .apk file created has more than 20 MB size even before adding half of the assets i needed. I thought the problem would be on the images and their quality.

But when i created a new project and built the project with nothing in it, it still created the .apk file with a size of 18 MB.

My assumption is, default size for an android app created using unity would be 18 MB. If that’s a fact, how does people release apps of size less than 10 MB.

I might have gone wrong somewhere or might have misunderstood stuffs. Please guide me through resolving this size problems.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

HI @abhishekabz004.
Just Build the APK again, And after that without doing anything else Open the EDITOR LOG.
(right-click on the console Window and select it)
then go down to find something like this:

here you can find what is inside your apk. if you can’t find reason. report your log here.