Why does AR Foundation not come with any samples (in package manager)

It would be great if ARF came with samples you could easily and individually import using the package manager, which is the intended way by Unity.
Why is it a separate repo?

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Probably because samples require more dependencies and there is no way to install them automatically when importing samples in Package Manager.

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Just checked the list of packages. All starts from com.unity.[name].

I can't see here any 3rd-party packages that, for example, Asset Store blocks when you want to import a Complete Project / Template — for safety and legal restrictions.

My AR Templates also have almost similar bunch of packages, but it can't be installed from the Asset Store completely due to git packages in them — the only thing why user need to execute some additional steps to install them.

@KyryloKuzyk has it correct. Package Manager samples can't import any dependencies. All of our sample scenes depend on the XR Interaction Toolkit for input, and we encourage users to do the same, but AR Foundation does not actually depend on XR Interaction Toolkit. So we can't distribute any of our samples via the package manager due to technical limitations.


Interesting, thanks! Might be a nice addition to the package manager tbh