Why does email unsubscribe not work?

I’ve unsubscribed multiple times but I am still getting spammed with emails. Any idea how I can solve this? Thanks.

Who or what organization is sending emails? If it is unity (most likely, why else would you be asking a question on Unity Answers) scroll down to the bottom of the email. There should be some fine print saying this:

This email is intended for [YOUR EMAIL]. You are recieving this email because you have subscribed to one or more Unity news. You can always update your preferences or unsubscribe. 

The “Update your Preferences or Unsubscribe” part should be a link. Click that, and unsubscribe.

Emails are from “noreply@unity3d.com”.

Yes, I have tried this multiple times, both by pressing the unsubscribe button and going to my preferences and making sure all the boxes are unticked. Yet I still receive the emails…I know they are coming from the same place still because I use a specific gmail sub-domain (I think that’s the right term, what I mean is I used “xxxx+unity@gmail.com” as my email address for unity) so that I know where the email comes from in case I need the extra info.

Honestly it’s just weird. never had this problem before…maybe it’s actually due to the sub-domain that I am having this issue… not sure.

If this keeps persisting, I would recommend emailing unity about it. It could be a glitch.