Why does everybody suggests Animation == Type Generic?

I’ve been studying a lot and I find everywhere that one should set “Animation Type” field to “Legacy” over the default “Generic” in the Inspector panel having the model prefab selected that was imported from blender.

Noone cares to explain I was wondering about that


I wouldn’t agree with that without knowing - do you intend to use Mecanim? If you do, you do not want to use Legacy. Do you already have an armature defined in Blender that you want to use - if so, you might use “Humanoid”. Definitely worth reading up on Mecanim.

The title and first line of your question appear to contradict each other. Who / where says to always use generic, or always use legacy animations?

The manual is pretty clear - legacy is for backwards compatibility and should not be used in new projects, humanoid is for animating, well, humanoid characters, generic is for everything else.