Why does multiplying by Time.DeltaTime slow down my movement?

noticed whenever I use Time.DeltaTime with my character movement, it always ends up moving very slow. Can anyone please help and explain why?

deltaTime is the time between the last frame and the current. At a framerate of about 60 frames per seconds that would be about 1/60 == 0.01666. So if you use deltaTime the amount that is added each frame is of course 60 times smaller than without. However that’s the main point. If you add a fix amount to a variable each frame, the amount would change depending on your framerate. If you have 120 fps it would be twice as fast.

When you multiply by deltaTime the amount you add would be the amount per second instead of the amount per frame. So when you add 20*Time.deltaTime each frame you essentially will move 20 units in one second.