Why does my background sound fade when other sounds are being played?

Hello, i have a level, a scene that is where the background contains lava, so i put a sound of lava in the scene, however, when i shoot my gun or walk or do anything that triggers another sound, the lava sound fades, i have put priority of the sound to HIGH (0 that is) and this still happens, sorry for my lack of knowledge in unity sound editing, im new to all this? THANKS!

Good day.

I supose for your text that you have diferent AudioSource (one for music, and others for souds), if not, do it.

All audiosource have a area of efect, maybe is to small or the AudioListener is very close to one audiosource and far away from the other.

Then, if priorities are correct, it should work…


@tormentoarmagedoom thank you so much!