Why does my character fall to his waist?

I took this character from Mixamo. I assigned an animator controller and his avatar to the animator component. When i press play he takes the pose in the picture.
The animator is empty, i haven’t attached any animations. Also, when i try to make an animation the transform of the character is locked and i can’t move his body parts. I tried putting an empty animation and checking or unchecking apply root motion and it doesn’t help.
I checked the avatar configuration and it seemed ok.
I think that the problem comes from the import settings. I don’t really know how to set him up.

I have seen this: Character falls thru to his waist - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions
Those answers are not working.

In my case,
Both of these two scenarios caused the problem:

  1. When deleting/removing an animation clip from the AnimationPlayableAsset (click on the Animation Timeline clip and then look in the inspector → then click on the clip and “delete key”). 165919-noanimationclip1.png
  2. When deleting an animation clip asset in the project folder that is used in a Timeline Animation Track → Animation Clip, the track is left with a “No animation clip assigned” warning.

In my case it was the 2nd scenario.

By adding an animation back into the timeline clip, the error seems to be solved, as the character stands up correctly. but when the timeline is closed or minimized, it goes back into the ground.

The “solution” I have found to this is to delete the game object (hopefully a prefab of the character), dragging in the new prefab, and then rebinding the timeline tracks accordingly.

@iamnotfelix try changing "based upon"165915-capture.png settings mentioned in the animation tab of your model.