Why does my compiled game take so much space?

Once compiled and run on the iPhone, my 2D game takes 100 MB, even though my Unity project takes about 15 MB.

The Unity project has the following:

  • graphic files : 2 Mb
  • audio files : 6 Mb
  • animations : 6 Mb
  • prefabs : 0.5 Mb
  • scripts : 0.3 Mb

Total: approx 15 Mb.

I also use NGUI, Prime31 plugins, Apple’s in-app purchase and iAds frameworks.

Why is the binary so big?
Is 100 Mb reasonable for a project size of 15 Mb?

Is the compiler using ONLY the functions and scripts that are called in my game. For example, does it compile all the scripts from NGUI, regardless of whether I use them or not?

Unity default apps take probably something around 10MB, even if it’s an empty project. But are you saying that your binary is 100MB in size? Because that is very odd.