why does my computer crash?

hi like the title says my computer keeps on crashing when i use unity for more or less 5 minutes. i was following this tutorial ( Getting Started With Unity ) and after i created the terrain my computer crashed and kept on crashing 5 minutes into unity. I’ve used unity a couple of years ago with the same computer without a problem. I am able to use udk and render complex scenes with blender’s cycles which i think is much heavier than unity. since it is a laptop at first i thought my computer was overheating but i’ve felt it get much hotter than it does with unity. maybe it’s a problem with windows 8 because when i used windows 7 it ran fine.

If anyone has any suggestion or fix please let me know. thank you

PS I am planning on buying a desktop to do these things but it would be nice if i could practice until i get it

I had this problem too. But my computer is just really bad I guess. But windows 8 is not the problem because the other computer that I use runs on it and it works perfectly. So I think it’s something to do with maybe the run time capacity of your laptop.