Why does my first person controller stutter when moving?

I am currently developing a game which utilizes control of the timescale of the physics simulation. The first person controller is to move at the same speed, even when slowed down. I’ve managed to remove acceleration from the first person controller, but I can only slow the simulation down to about 1 / 1,000 speed before the first person controller starts to stutter as it moves. This is not a frame rate issue because the player can look around while still without choppy video. My goal is to be able to slow the simulation down to 1 / 1,000,000. Any suggestions for a way to make the first person controller smoother will be appreciated.

Put you camera handling code in LateUpdate. That way you’ll move your players object in the Update method and the camera will trail him in the LateUpdate method. I had the same issue when I had camera follow code AND character movement code both happening inside of Update.