Why does my game run much faster on Windows than Linux

I currently have both Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 12.04 installed on the same 8GB RAM computer. When testing for performance, I built my game for both the Windows and the Linux versions. The windows version runs at a steady ~40FPS, which is quite playable. However, when I built the game for Linux, the game was running at about 10FPS, which was not expected, as software on Linux generally runs faster than windows. Is this a problem with Unity?

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I’m sorry, I am quite new to Ubuntu. How can I assign it to use the GPU?

You did not state that you have a built-in motherboard GPU as well as a GPU. Your Linux distro might simply lack the newest graphics drivers that use 3D acceleration.

Search for “Additional drivers” within Apps of your Ubuntu and set it to the newest offered driver. “Nouveau” is the default Ubuntu driver and it probably lacks 3D acceleration.