Why does my GUI Text look so small on my phone but normal in Unity Editor?

I’m new to Unity, so can anyone tell me why all my GUI Text are appearing tiny on my Android phone but in the unity Editor they look normal. For example, i assign one of my Text Gui a font size of 24 and it works inside Unity, but when i build for my device the text just down scale or something, and i have my resolution set for the Galaxy S4 so IDK, any help??

In case anyone comes back to this, I had the same problem, and it turned out that the setting I had to change to fix it was on the Canvas Scaler Script component of my HUD game object called “UI Scale Mode”. I had to change this to “Constant Physical Size” to get my HUD images to show the same in game view of Uinty and on Android phone with high res screen.

The Galaxy S4 has a 1920x1080 screen resolution. That could easily be higher resolution than the game view window running in the editor.

You need to un-check “Pixel Correct” in the GUIText component, and then re-scale the text to the desired size and re-position it.

Pixel Correct makes sure that no matter the resolution the text is sharp, but that also means that its actual scale will change with the resolution. Lower resolution means larger text and higher resolution means smaller text. So your GUIText could look perfect in editor (ie smaller resolution), but it would have a different scale in the player.

If you un-check Pixel Correct, the text always stays the same size and is independent of resolution.

EDIT: To make sure that your text is still sharp even without Pixel Correct, after you turn it off set the “Font Size” to 100, and the scale (in the transform component) to (0.1, 0.1, 0.1), and then make the necessary tweaks.

Just Make A Script Called Auto Correction For The UI

Like The Resolution That I Have Is Aspect Ratio 16:10 And 1280x800 of Pixel It Can Auto Correct The UI Location

If you just want to see same sizes you can do it the other way around, go to Game window then change the aspect ratio of your editor ( the default is Free Aspect ) to something compatible with your phone screen resolution.