why does my instantiate sometimes dupe my prefab?

So im in the middle of making my 2D infinite runner using C# script and my SPIKE that is to destroy and Respawn my Player but it will sometimes duplicate my character 2-3 times if i land on the spike on an angle (both character and spike have box colliders but the spikes collider can be altered)
i should also note Player is a prefab

If anyone has anything that could help me i would appreciate im an amateur hoping to improve

here is what i have so far

public class SPIKE1 : MonoBehaviour {

    public GameObject Player;
    public Transform SpawnPoint;
    private bool respawn = false;

    void OnCollisionStay2D(Collision2D coll)
        if (coll.gameObject.tag == "Player")

        if (respawn)
        if (coll.gameObject.tag == "Player")
            Instantiate(Player, SpawnPoint.position, SpawnPoint.rotation);

Try changing OnCollisionStay2D to OnCollisionEnter2D which should only happen once, the stay function runs every frame/update. When you request that the player get destroyed maybe it’s not actually happening on that frame. Also what is the boolean respawn doing? I don’t see where it would ever be changed to true but maybe you have that coded somewhere else.