Why does my music not work with my volume control slider?

I have built a slider that controls the volume of all the sound effects of a project I am working on. The slider works terrific and the volume of all sound effects fades in and out as they should.

Unfortunately, when I drop a music file into the scene, it does not fade in or out. All the sound effects continue to fade out properly, but music stays the same level throughout.

Are there certain settings music audio needs to be set to in the inspector in order to get it to function properly? Thanks!

What is your slider script?

Also have you referenced the music file via script?

Could you post your script? I also control sounds and music volume with sliders and the script for the sliders is the same.

Did you apply the slider script to music slider you have imported?

I was having this problem working with Audio Mixers and volume sliders. The problem was sneaky; you have to choose the Exposed parameter from “Dynamic Floats” in the script attach dropdown on the slider, not the class in the script that handles the music fading.