Why does my player keep falling through the floor?

My player already has a rigidbody and a box collider. The plane, “floor”, has a box collider but doesn’t have a rigidbody. Every time I press play, the player just falls though the floor. Can someone help me?,My player already has the box collider and the rigidbody. The plane doesn’t have a rigidbody but it does have a box collider. Not sure how the player does it, it just keeps falling every time I press play.

Hi @Dragonlov46er. Have you tried the following things:
1) Make sure that the player’s box collider isn’t in the plane’s box collider, as this could cause the player falling through the floor. To be safe, place him a bit higher than the plane is.
2) Make sure none of the colliders are marked “is Trigger”.
3) Make sure that the box colliders that you are using cover the objects completely. Most often, if your player if a humanoid, a capsule collider it preferred.
4) Try using different colliders.
I hope that this helps.

hey, change collision detection from the rigid object to continuous fixed my problem

Hi, my issue was that I was using the wrong box collider - I had the 3D version attached to the floor object, instead of the 2D version. I’m a bit late, sorry, but maybe this will help someone else.