Why does my rigidbody based player bump up on planes?

I noticed that for some reason on a plane surface my character has a weird bump up behavior and I can’t seem to figure out why. I am using rigidbody addForce to move the player and the player has a rigidbody on him with all constraints active for rotation but none active for movement. I will also include a gif of the problem to give a better idea for what I am describing.

Collider type: Capsule

Example gif:

Hi, looks like the force is pushing the player downwards a bit. Are you sure your plane is setup straight and not leaning by any degree.

This would cause your character’s collision box to be forced down (as you are using force to move him) into the ground, until the force builds up and pushes him backwards (like a spring).

Also, in order to move your character, I would advice you not to use forces, but rather alternative means, like translation or pre-built functions for player.

So I found the answer off of Mulldor’s recommendation. If you make a small box collider by the base of the player it negates this effect even while using AddForce to move the player.