Why does my scene look different in run time?

In the scene the lighting looks great and very realistic. When I set the game in run time it looks nothing like how it did in the normal scene. The game has shadows that are huge and thick in small areas of the game. It is a very big project and the lighting can’t be baked without getting stuck in the process. It has nothing to do with my computer, I have a very strong computer for the job.

What’s different?

Are there post-effects missing? Can you post screenshots?

Check the following :

  1. Menu Edit > Project Settings > Quality
  2. Take a look at the quality matrix :
    Quality settings
  3. One of the lines is highlighted. It represents the current quality level of the editor
  4. Now, check if the Default quality settings of your target platform is the same as your editor’s quality settings. (Here, on the image above, the quality settings of the editor is higher than the quality settings of the mobile platforms)