Why does my Sketchup Pro 8 models appear dark in Unity?

Hey I got a little problem in unity with my sketchup model. I use sketchup pro 8.. When I export the sketchup model and then put it in unity the model looks really dark? It looks great in sketchup but in unity the model is really dark even if I add a lot of light.

The model are almost so dark that i can't see my texture? is there any way i can fix this without having to light up every side of my model? I am only able to see it like it should if I light up every side of the model, but I really don't wanna do that on every single model I use in my game I know you can get plugins for sketchup like Lightup and Vray but really don't wanna spend money on it if theres another way to fix it.


Try changing the colour property of the material in Unity (I'm assuming it's a Diffuse shader) to white.

Maybe your Scene ambient color is to dark. You can change it under Edit>> Render Settings>> Ambient Light.

My scene ambient light was set to pure black, so that was maybe why. I just took it all up to white. I can see my model a lot better now! Gonna see how it all works out when I add more models to my scene.. But I think that the problem is solved untill now. So I'm just gonna wait and see till I've made some more models for my game.

Is there any other way to fix the problem? I'm just curious"^^'.

And again thanks for helping me out!

you need to light map the sketchup model in Unity, it took me ages to work that one out.

check out the Beast Lightmapping Tutorial


proably because you forgot to import the model with matrials