Why does my standalone build run smooth as butter on desktop, but has a massive FPS drop on laptop?

When I run my build on my desktop, where I have the Unity Software on, it runs very smoothly, even with a browser, unity and alot of other apps open.

But when I copy the standalone build to my laptop, it lags like there is no tomorrow, even with highest performance mode and all other applications closed.

Both computers are able to run games like GW2 and FFXIV smoothly on at least medium to high settings.
Is there a problem with the compatibility of my app?

I have the most recent version of unity and have updated the graphics driver on my laptop, I also made sure to run the app with the NVIDEA GPU.

I’d like to show my work to my professor, but it kinda sucks my app is so slow on my laptop, I can’t currently test it on any other devices.

The application is a VR application with Leap Motion input. I am also a student, therefore my experience with Unity is not that advanced.

Thank you in advance!

Can Nobody help me?

did you try switching resolutions on laptop. its the only difference I could think of that may affect things?
its probably a code issue so maybe look for a culprit and post that code?

Does your laptop have powerful enough GPU that supports VR? Having a powerfull GPU that runs great games in high quality is not the same as supporting VR.

Seems like I was able to fix this after days of trial and error.

SteamVR/OpenVR disables your startup screen when launching the game where you can edit resolution and graphics quality. The graphics quality is automatically set to fantastic instead of calculating the best fitting graphics quality for your specs.

To by bypass this, hold ctrl when launching the game and set graphics quality to “fast” or “fastest”.