Why does my texture become one colour when I apply it?

I’ve been making parts of a house in blender and when I try to apply textures i’ve found in the unity store on them, it applies a singular colour which was the most common on the texture. I’ve tried this on unity objects and they apply fine but my blender objects don’t work. Any solutions?

Your UVs are not imported or broken.

As Ju_M said, you need UV-coordinates to use textures properly. UV-coordinates are the 2D positions of each vertex on the texture. Blender does not create those by itself but it’s very easy to tell it to do so:

  1. In Blender, select your object

  2. Switch to edit mode

  3. Select all geometry

  4. Select Mesh>UV Unwrap>Smart UV Project

  5. Save and reimport into Unity

There are other ways to create UV coordinates that give you more control over the UV layout but for a start this should be sufficient.