Why does my Unity look different than the one in the tutorial?

When I started the Roll a Ball game tutorial, right from the start it looked different. Mine has a gray weird bottom view while the one in the tutorials has many angles and a side page. I know this sounds really pathetic, getting riled up because his program is a different color and angle than mine, I just want to make sure none of the code will be different.

You can adjust the pages around the editor. Just drag them around and their position will change. Also in tutorials they are using Unity Pro, which has different color theme such as black. Everybody has a different layout so use the one which fits you best.

Which tutorial and which “many angles and a side page” are you talking about? Link/image would help other people to understand where you are talkng about :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are refering to anything about the Unity Editor itself, rather than what is visible inside the “Game” window, each user can change the layout of the various windows themselves. In the right top, there is a dropdown which currently probably says “Default”, changing this to “Tall” (which I think matches your description) might get you a display that looks closer to your tutorial :wink: If the one in the video is of a darker colour, then that is because the paid version of Unity has a darker color. There are some differences to paid and free (including the “Professional editor skin”), but as a beginner, you shouldn’t need the things that the paid version has to offer.