Why does my unity script reader does not recognise some commands,My Unity Script reader Does not recognise certain commands

So i’ve been trying to learn how to code, and i’ve been looking at the “roll a ball” tutorial , in the video the person types in commands and they light up in certain colors but for me they dont light up at all, pls help,So basicly, I try to write the same things that i see in the “roll a ball” tutorial, but the program does not recognise certain commands like “void” or “float”
In the video the commands light up in various colors but for me it doesnt light up at all.

Are you using C# or Javascript? Because if you are Javascript, you use a different format. For example, void SomeFunction () would be written as function SomeFunction ().

I use C# and i even tried copy pasting the script it still doesn’t light up as seen in the video