Why does OnTriggerExit2D not fire when Kinematic Rigidbody Collider exits Trigger Collider?

I have two objects:

  • Object1 has BoxCollider2D with
    isTrigger checked.
  • Object2 has
    BoxCollider2D with isTrigger
    unchecked and RigidBody2D with
    isKinematic checked.

When Object2 exits Object1, why does Object1’s OnTriggerExit2D not get called? According to the Collision Action Matrix below, OnTriggerExit2D should fire.

alt text

Try unchecking isKinematic and instead set Gravity Scale = 0. It worked for me

Apparently this is a known issue that has been marked as “by design”:

Issue Tracker: RigidBody2D with Kinematic RigidBody will not cause OnTriggerEnter2D

Someone should update the documentation then.