Why does QualitySettings.masterTextureLimit work in the editor but not in a build?

I was making a simple options menu with a few of the quality settings in there as well, including the Texture Quality or, in code, masterTextureLimit. All seemed to be working fine until I built the game to test it out properly and when I changed masterTextureLimit to anything but 0 (The default), almost all the textures went pure black and some remained the appropriate mip map level. This also affected the UI which doesn’t even have generate mip maps on. Any help would be very appreciated.

Running 2018.2?
We have that issue too since switching to 2018.2, but it’s “only” affecting the current instance of the game. I.e. go to our options menu, change the quality, have random effects on textures. Restart game (masterTextureLimit gets saved at quit and reloaded on startup in our game) and everything seems fine with the changed limit.

PS: Sorry, meant this to be a comment. Not used to this kind of communication platform :slight_smile: