Why does the code stops?

First of all excuse me for my bare English.
If i run the code with the commands (//) enabled it will not do the calculation (will not print “is voorbij”) (i tested this by printing a text message after the calculation is done).
With those lines of code as a command // it works fine.
Can somebody explain this to me?

  public int count;
	public GameObject enemy;
	public Transform spawn;
	void Start () {
        count = (int)Time.realtimeSinceStartup;
        EnemySpawnController ESC = new EnemySpawnController();
	public void GoTOLocation(string name) {
		print ("Searching for gameobject with name:" + name);
		spawn.Find ("1");

		print ("x." + spawn.transform.position.x + "/" + spawn.transform.position.y);

		Vector2 diff;
		//diff.x = spawn.transform.position.x-gameObject.transform.position.x;
		//diff.y = spawn.transform.position.y-gameObject.transform.position.y;

		print ("is voorbij");

		if (x != enemy.transform.position.x) { gameObject.transform.Translate(Vector2.right * diff.x); }
		if (y != enemy.transform.position.y) { gameObject.transform.Translate(Vector2.up * diff.y); }

// is commenting, meaning that anything after // in a line won’t be compiled.

Hi @Robgar2001 , those are comments and they are not executed by the compiler and are only there for the people writing the code or reading the code to inform them what that line of code does.

//this line prints Hello world to the unity console
print("Hello world") 
the line above will print Hello world to the unity console and the comment above describes what it does.

//print("Hello world")
that will print nothing as it is ignored by the compiler, in other words it is not executed.

there are two types of comments multiline and one line

look here for more info: Comments in C#

and please before you start using unity learn a programming language, such as C# and that will avoid questions such as this which are unnecessary

@arain55 @TheSOULDev I know i know but i mean when i remove the // the code won’t print the “is voorbij” message. So those two lines avoid the computer to print the “is voorbij” message.
And i want to know why those lines avoid that.
(I know how the command system works)