Why does the cursor stay visible in some demos I've played?

I haven't started learning Unity yet, but I really want to know the answer to this question before I start.

In this "Tropical Paradise" demo, the cursor stays visible the whole time you're playing, which is incredibly annoying.


I've tried other small Unity projects that have the same problem. Like Red Sky, a small project by the indie dev who made VVVVVV.


This couldn't have possibly been done by accident, could it? Can someone tell me why the cursor stays visible in these? I tried another official demo that didn't have this problem.

To hide the cursor, you need to use `Screen.showCursor = false`.

The cursor is probably still visible in the webplayers you listed because this was not used inside the game.

I am not sure but, It is probobably because someone did not kill the resource properly.