Why does the default Third Person Controller cause my character to spin in place?

I’ve made sure that I have all three of the necessary scripts attached (Character controller, third person controller and third person camera) and that the camera is tagged as the main camera, but when I press the forward key my character rotates clockwise, and counterclockwise when I press back. Left doesn’t do anything at all.

In addition, the mouse-controlled camera is jittery when I try to turn it and snaps back forward. It may be unrelated, but it might not be. I’ve tested the character without the mouse-controlled camera, so I’m fairly certain that’s not the cause of the problem.

What I think might be related is that I don’t have a character model with any animations attached. My ‘character’ is just a couple of cubes stacked together to provide something to look at, as at the moment I’m only trying to make a prototype. Could the fact that it’s a basic cube with it’s own collision/no animation be related?


sorry to revive old post, but check your rigidbody angular drag. Set it to 999

iam having similar problem and it drives me crazy as beginner in coding…

The problem for me was input from a set of rudder pedals! Check the peripherals you have attached to your machine :slight_smile: