Why does the game pause whenever my movie loops?

I get a pause/slowdown in game every time my movie loops. Anyone know if this should happen? There’s not much to the code other than starting the looping audio and movie of with the loop parameters set to true…

// Assign clip to audio source
// Sync playback with audio
audio.clip = globalVars.advertiserMovieTexture.audioClip;

// Play both movie & sound

DO you have alot of backround windows up? somtime it happends to me.

I’m STILL getting this issue and now using Unity version 3.5.0 Surely everyone else is having the same problem? Even if the movietexture is not looping the game freezes for about 5 seconds once the video has finished playing.

I’ve tried multiple videos from both online and local sources and the result is always the same.

Please help!