Why does the grass change color by default?

Why does the grass change color by default whithout script attaching? How can I change it?

This was a big problem for me for a long time. This behavior is years old and undocumented. (Very frustrating.) After quite a bit of experimentation and guessing at what Unity does internally, I discovered something that works well for me: under the main terrain settings, set “Grass Tint” to a 50% gray value (r=g=b=128).

A little more information: The grass color seems to slowly oscillate between (a) the dry/healthy colors you explicitly set in the grass texture and (b) another color controlled by the Grass Tint color that’s derived from the dry/healthy colors. I’ll call the first color the “Base Color” and the second the “Derived Color”. The Grass Tint color seems to affect the Derived Color independently on the three color channels (red, green, blue). If Grass Tint Red=255, then the Derived Color red is a brighter red than in the Base Color you set in the dry/healthy colors. If Grass Tint Red = 0, the Derived Color red is 0 (black). At Grass Tint Red = 128, the Derived Color red seems to be very close to the Base Color Red. Same with the other channels.

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I solved the problem:

  • Go to …/Unity/Editor/Data/CGIncludes and copy TerrainEngine.cginc into your Unity Project.
  • Open it with Mono or Visual and go to Line: 120
  • change return fixed4(2 * waveColor * color.rgb, color.a); to return fixed4(color.rgb, color.a);

This fixed it for me. I hope it will fix your problem aswell.

Explain. When does it change color? How often? What colors?

A stab in the dark would be: try turning billboard distance up way high. Maybe the billboards are messed up.

I figured this out for y’all,
Here’s the solution for you who didn’t understand WillNelson’s comment’
First go to the settings menu in the terrain and find the grass tint in the wind settings.
Then set your values to a 50% grey color or set the hex to 808080FF
Follow the images EXACTLY or it will look wrong.

Or this

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The grass is going to change colors no matter what. Its a garbage feature that you can NOT stop from happening.