Why does the ?? operator not work

What's up with these "null" references in MonoBehaviuors that pretend like they're null, but are not really null. Making my ?? operator not work.

When we create a new monobehaviour, which does not have some of its fields setup, we place objects that look like null in those fields, so we give a very descriptive error message when people try to dereference those.

The downside of this is the ?? operator works at such a low level, that we cannot make it work with our "fake null" objects. Ironically enough, the ?? operator does work outside of the editor, where we do not use this trick.

Maybe we'll change this behaviour in the future, but right now I think the benefit of having a good errormessage in the case of a non assigned reference (something that hits new unity users very often) is more important than an accurately working ?? operator (which is a relatively advanced operator used by people that know what they're doing).