Why does the program crash?

Completed installation, chose free version. Chose to import everything when asked. Unity then crashed and I can’t open it now. Anyone else have this problem? Checked version compatibility with my computer and it was fine. Going to try to uninstall and then re-install.

Does your problem still persist?

Try holding down ALT as you open Unity (keep it held down until something happens).
You should see a dialog pop up. Try creating a new project.

  • If this works, it likely means there’s something wrong with your project.
  • If this does not work, it means there’s a likely a problem with your computer, or that Unity have stumbled on some problem it can’t recover from.

If it’s your project, I’d advise you to check the editor log first as it may tell you directly what the problem is. As a blind attempt that is harmless to try and have fixed some random issues in the past, try removing the cached script assemblies and restart Unity. They are found under < Your project path >\Library\ScriptAssemblies. If it still doesn’t work, try remembering what you last changed and try to undo the change. Perhaps you added some new script or dlls. Remove them and try again. If you use source control, try reverting to a previous version of your project.

If reinstalling Unity doesn’t help and it’s crashing even when trying to force create a new project, you can try to move your license cache file to a different folder temporarily (On Windows it’s C:\ProgramData\Unity, I can’t remember where it is on Mac). If this solves the problem, submit a bug report and send Unity your original .ulf file. Again, check the editor log first.

If nothing helps, and no one gives you a suggestion here that solves your problem, please contact Unity Support. If you include your log file and provide screenshots of what you see when Unity crashes, chances that people will recognize common issues become far greater meaning you may get more accurate suggestions.

Provide as much information as possible when contacting Support, like logs files, what you’ve tried so far, what OS you’re running and crash dumps if you got any. It may speed up the process.

There’s also a troubleshooting guide you should try out first.